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Our Electrical Services

When you need a reliable electrician in Clovis, count on Cole Electric to do the job right. We are a team of passionate electricians with wide-ranging abilities and deep skill sets in the electrical field.

Our customer base in Clovis has grown over the years, as people have taken advantage of the relatively affordable housing and the welcoming community here. However, our personalized attention has never wavered, and we continue to deliver personalized services to customers, both residential and commercial alike.

If you are interested in working with us, our services include the following:

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Why Hire a Professional Commercial Electrician in Clovis

There are many reasons to hire a professional commercial electrician. First, you can guarantee that your services will be delivered promptly, following an agreed-upon timeline. Second, you will be able to trust that the commercial electrician in Clovis takes the safety of your property, as well as you and your employees, customers, and tenants, seriously. There is a level of accountability present with a licensed electrician that just does not exist when you attempt to do electrical repairs yourself to save money.

Whether you own a retail business, a condo building, or a restaurant, we recommend calling Cole Electric for all your commercial electrical needs.

Risks of Avoiding Electrical Panel Repairs & Upgrades

If you notice something off about your electrical panel, it is best to call an electrician in Clovis right away. Any electrical pro in the San Joaquin Valley will tell you that small electrical panel problems can quickly turn into emergencies, and it is best to catch them early. If you don’t, you might wind up with any of the following:

Ultimately, avoiding necessary electrical panel repairs or skipping out on an electrical panel upgrade when you need it is a major risk. You will likely lose money in the long run, as you will need to pay to cover more extensive repairs than you would otherwise. And, of course, the safety hazards are no joke and could cause serious injury.

How Lighting Can Change Your Space

A new lighting installation can turn a previously drab room into a welcoming one. It can make a dimly lit bathroom shine bright or an outdoor space come alive at night. Here are a few ways smart lighting changes can alter your home or business:

Task Lighting Brings Focus

Are you unhappy with the way certain spaces are lit in your home? Do you need more focused light above kitchen counters, bathroom mirrors, or desk spaces? Task lighting is directional and perfectly designed for these scenarios.

Outdoor Lighting Adds Depth

A few strategically placed outdoor lights can bring new life to your landscape. Outdoor lighting isn’t just for safety and security — it also adds a touch of personality and dimension to your yard.

LED Lights Increase Efficiency

An LED lightbulb is substantially more energy and cost-efficient than its incandescent or CFL cousin. We can help you find light fixtures that are designed for LEDs, so you can reduce waste and save money.

Ambient Lighting Creates Warmth

Ambient lighting is the warm, welcoming light added to most living spaces. You want to find the balance between having enough light to see and not so much that it blinds you. Ambient lighting with the proper color temperature and placement can do this.

How Common Are Power Surges?

Power surges may occur over a dozen times per day. Usually, these surges are so small they don’t cause much noticeable damage. However, there are times when a surge can be powerful enough to render your electronics unusable, or at the very least will damage them and shorten their lifespans. Avoid this by installing surge protection with assistance from an electrician in Clovis.

What to Know About Installing an EV Charger

EV chargers are simple additions to your home or business that have the power to change the way you live. Whether you already have an electric vehicle or you’re planning on getting one soon, here are a few things to consider:

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