Commercial Electrician in Fresno, CA

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Electrical Services to Keep Your Business Running

Fresno is home to countless businesses, from local boutique shops to large agricultural and manufacturing plants. At Cole Electric, our team of qualified commercial electricians in Fresno strives to fill the needs of your business, whether you require wiring, repairs, or help with major remodeling projects.

Find help from the experts who have served the Fresno area since 1991. We are an ingrained part of the local community and appreciate the opportunity to support other businesses in the area with crucial electrical services. You can count on us both for responses to problems with your electrical system and inventive ideas for additions to your business, like new lighting designs.

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Commercial Vs. Residential Electricians

There are a few key differences between the services provided by residential and commercial electricians in Fresno, CA. Cole Electric is licensed to work with both residential and commercial customers, so we are well-prepared to handle the needs of your business.

More Training

First and foremost, a commercial electrician in Fresno or anywhere else in California must put in nearly twice as many hours on the job as a residential electrician before becoming certified. This is for good reason — large buildings used for commercial purposes tend to be more complex than single-family homes.

Experience With Complex Systems

Both the wiring and the amount and type of power installed in a commercial building will be more complicated than those added to a home. For example, residential units run on single-phase power, 120V. Commercial electrical systems utilize three-phase power, which allows for the higher voltage needs of a larger building (or one with high-powered appliances).

Understanding of Local Codes & Compliance

A commercial electrician in Fresno needs to keep up with local restrictions and regulations to make sure your building will pass inspections. Residential properties are not as strictly regulated as commercial ones. Adhering to codes starts with the initial design, materials, and installation, so working with a trusted contractor is important from the get-go.

Customized Solutions

Many residential homes have similar requirements, even if they look different. But consider the difference between the electrical needs of a restaurant and an office building. A commercial electrician must be capable of serving many different types of businesses, sometimes with unusual or specialized needs.

Appropriate Tools & Techniques

Commercial electrical companies in Fresno will invest in the tools, equipment, and techniques that will best support your business. For example, at Cole Electric, we have a boom lift that can perform aerial work up to 40 feet high, like outdoor lighting installations. This can be especially useful if you need security lights installed around your property.

Our Commercial Services

As a commercial electrical contractor in Fresno, we collaborate with business owners and property managers to find the right combination of services to achieve their goals. Consider some of the commercial services we offer below.

Lighting Solutions

New lighting for your business can completely change a space. Whether you’re hoping to add security lights to the exterior or add a bit of warm ambiance to a retail or restaurant space, we’ve got you covered. With years of experience in lighting design and installation, trust Cole Electric to execute the job to perfection.

Commercial Wiring & Electrical Repairs

Commercial wiring does require special attention from a dedicated electrician with commercial experience. Perhaps you’re expanding your space, adding new equipment, or need repairs to your existing wiring. These are all good reasons to give Cole Electric a call.

Electrical Panels

The electrical panel is the nerve center of your electrical system. We provide a full suite of electrical panel services, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Your business will be well-equipped to handle the electrical demands of any appliances or equipment.

The above are not the only commercial services we offer! Contact us now at (559) 546-8185 to get the full run-down of our available services.